Kosuke Ota

Kousuke Ohta

I am Japanese, born in 1981.
Currently I live in Dazaifu city, Fukuoka prefecture
I was diagnosed in autism at the age of 2 years old.

My mother Aiko took me who liked clay from the childhood to the painting classroom near the home when I was at the age of 10 years old.
I did not show any interest in a picture at the beginning.
One day I added a color to the clay. I felt pleasure in a color changing when colors were mixed.
Triggered by this, I started to have pleasure in painting.
However, it took me six months to draw one line and took three years to paint a picture.
Eventually my private exhibition was held when I was 15 years old
In 2002, two pictures were displayed together with Rousseau, Picasso, Taro Okamoto, Kiyoshi Yamashita, and Rokuro Taniguchi at Fukuoka municipal art museum during “naive art exhibition”.
In 2013, it is a private exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo.
In 2014, I held “trace … of painter Kousuke Ohta – 22 years of the autism” at Fukuoka Asia art museum, sponsored by Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting.
A solo exhibition in Seijo, Tokyo was held in 2018.